Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse

The wireless mouse has really revolutionized how we interact with our computers. No more being chained to a cord a couple of feet away; now we have the freedom to work from across the room with our wireless keyboard and mouse.

The wireless mouse has come a long way from its invention in the 90s by Apple. While the mice of the early days tended to have trouble skipping and tracking on certain surfaces, mice today are hard to tell apart from their wired counterparts. Smooth tracking, lightning fast response times and a nearly identical look and feel have made the wireless mice of today a very suitable alternative to traditional wired mice.

The clunky wireless receivers of the past are almost nonexistent today, too. A modern receiver for a wireless mouse can fit into an existing USB port on your computer and sticks out merely one-quarter of an inch. Though very compact, these tiny new receivers offer astounding ranges of up to 50 feet on some models. Pair that with a high end gaming keyboard and you can play video games from the comfort of your couch without skipping a beat.

Even when you use a traditional computer keyboard and sit at your desk, the freedom a wireless mouse allows is still a noticeable improvement over traditional mice. There are no cords to get tangled, and when it is time to pick up your laptop and head to the couch, you simply grab your mouse and go.

A wireless mouse is usually battery operated, which to some may be off putting, but modern mice can go months without a change of battery. Pair your wireless mouse with rechargeable batteries and you have the ultimate in portability and efficiency.

The quick reflexes of a wireless mouse make it ideal to pair with a virtual keyboard as well, giving you all of your input needs in one tiny handheld device.

Overall, choosing wireless mice for your computer will give you greater flexibility and the freedom of being able to work on your computer from anywhere in the room. With prices comparable to traditional mice, the choice seems simple.

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