Computer Keyboard

A computer keyboard is a vital component required for all computers. A keyboard contains characters and buttons; which allow the user to input data. The characters on a keyboard are generally engraved or printed and when these buttons are pressed, the user is giving commands to the computer’s operating system, telling it what to do.

Computer Keyboard

Computer Keyboard

When keyboards were first invented, there were no variances. There was only one type of computer keyboard. Today, there are many different types, including wireless ones. A wireless keyboard serves the same function as a standard computer keyboard, but offers the benefit of being wireless. Wireless keyboard users also often choose a wireless mouse to go with the keyboard. Game players also purchase gaming keyboards, to help make playing games easier and more successful. Some computers have software programs that contain a virtual keyboard. This type of keyboard typically requires a touch screen. Users then touch the keyboard characters that are located directly on the computer screen.

To choose a computer keyboard, there are several key things to look for. The two most common types of keyboards have either 101 or 104 keys on them. Before purchasing a computer keyboard, it is extremely important to choose one that will be compatible with your computer. Another factor to consider is the required connection. Most keyboards connect to a computer through a PS/2 connection; while others use a USB connection. Keyboards with PS/2 connections are generally preferred because they do not use up a USB slot in the computer.

The shape of a computer keyboard is another factor to consider when purchasing one. Many keyboards are now available in shapes that make keyboarding easier on a person’s hands, arms and wrists. An ergonomic keyboard is contoured to allow a natural position for a person’s hands and is recommended for someone who does a lot of keyboarding. People also often look at the angle of the keyboard and the sensitivity to touch.

The most common type of computer keyboard is called the QWERTY style; which is a traditionally laid out keyboard. Computer programmers, and other types of workers, are now switching to the Dvorak style keyboard. With this style, the position of the letters and symbols are improved, and many people who use this type, feel it is much faster to use than a QWERTY. Among these differences in computer keyboards, consumers also choose keyboards by other features, such as color, price and quality.

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